Frequently asked Questions

1.  Am I eligible for the NDIS?

The NDIS is available for people with disability between the ages of 7 and 65 who live in Australia and are either Australian citizens or have a Permanent or Special Category Visa. If you require special equipment or supports because of disability (now or in the future), you may be eligible for the NDIS.

Children aged under 7 years who have a developmental delay or disability may also be eligible for support through the NDIS Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) approach. The ECEI approach supports families to help children develop the skills they need to take part in daily activities and achieve the best possible outcomes throughout their life.

The best way to assess your eligibility for the scheme is to review these NDIS eligibility questions.

You can also talk to our concierge to find out more. Simply call us on 0406066656

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can then complete an Access Request Form to request to become an NDIS participant.

2.  What is an NDIS plan?

An NDIS plan is unique to you. It outlines your goals (both now and longer term) and helps to identify the reasonable and necessary supports that will help you reach those goals. There is lots of information available online for how the planning process works.

There is also help available to create your plan. Depending on your needs, you may need the help of an Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Coordinator, a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or a Support Coordinator.

3.  I have received my NDIS plan. What are the NDIS services that Image Care Services offers me?

Image Care Services is a registered provider of NDIS Therapy Services. We provide many services that can support you to get more out of life today.

Depending on your own needs, our services can help you with everyday living, independence, development, mobility and access. We can show how exercise can benefit your overall health and wellbeing, and function. We can help determine what technology, equipment or aids might be appropriate or how to modify your home.

All of the services that we provide to you are delivered by highly qualified therapists who are focused on great service and the best possible outcomes to reach your goals.

4. How do I request a service from Image Care Services?

It is easy to request a service from Image Care Services. You can:

5. What are the average wait times for receiving a service from  Image Care Services?

Image Care Services has a large pool of therapists to minimise waiting periods as much as possible (in some cases, eliminating wait times altogether), so that our ability to support you is faster than industry average. However, depending on current demand, there can be a waiting period in some locations for some services.

Every week, we update service availability to keep our participants and other partners up to date. If you would like to check the availability of a any services in your specific location, please contact our concierge service on 0406066656

6. What is the Image Care Services concierge service and what do they do?

We know that it is often easier to talk to someone about what you need or how we can help. That’s what our concierge service is all about. It is a team of friendly customer service officers who are here to help you get the support you need from Image Care Services.

They can help you make a request for our service. They can let you know about local services in your area. They can answer your questions about costs, waiting times or what to expect. The team are available from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

7.  Can I learn about Image Care Services‘s services and support worker and pick who I work with?

Yes. We understand that making the right match between you and your support worker is vital. You can see the support worker portfolios and read about their experience and skills.

Our concierge service is also available to help you get to know our clinicians and make a good match. There are lots of things that concierge will take into consideration on your behalf: location and availability, experience, skills and areas of specialty. They will also explore other factors that will help to make a great match: What about your favourite sports? Common interests and hobbies? Community connections? Please contact our concierge service to learn more.

8.  Do you charge travel costs?

If we are required to travel to provide services to you, then travel is charged as per NDIS guidelines.

There are 3 zones:

You are able to check which zone you are in and get a better understanding of travel costs prior to proceeding and we will ensure that you are aware of any travel costs before undertaking the service.

To minimise travel costs and provide easy and fast access to services, we can also provide services via Telehealth or video conferencing if appropriate and preferred.

We are predominantly a mobile service, with a large network of clinicians attending people’s homes to deliver services. So, you can choose whether to attend one of our local clinics, or have our clinician come to your home.

If you choose to attend one of our clinics, there will be no travel cost charged to you. If our clinician is coming to your home, you will be charged a reasonable travel cost. This means we will:

The aim of these steps is to provide you with greater choice and control in how and where you receive your services.

9.  Can my appointment be held via tele or video conference?

Yes. To ensure that you get the service you need, when you need it, there may be instances when it is appropriate and preferable to provide our service via telehealth or video conference.

We use Zoom as our video technology platform as it is easy to use and accessible. Our therapist will simply send a link to your email account for the agreed meeting time and then conduct our meeting over video.

We are there to support you if you need help in getting set up, and we can complement telehealth or video conferencing with face to face services when necessary.

10.  How can I provide some feedback or make a complaint to  Image Care Services?

We want to know whether our services have supported you to achieve your goals, or whether there are improvements that we could make.

We encourage your feedback, compliments and complaints. There are a number of ways that you can get in touch with us to provide this feedback or make a complaint:

If you have contacted us to make a complaint or to offer a better way for us to support you, we will listen to you. We will take action to remedy the situation to your satisfaction and work towards making our services better for all those who we support.

11.  Is it expensive to hire a disability support worker?

You’ll likely find that the fees are quite reasonable. If you have an NDIS package, then your out-of-pocket expenses will be greatly reduced.

At Image Care Services, we receive a great deal of positive feedback from clients who hire disability carers through us because we’re all about your comfort, choice and satisfaction. You are not just sent someone that’s been selected by a company. You get to choose who provides your support, the kind of support you receive and when you want your sessions.

12.  How You can get to be in control of your disability support needs ?

When you search for a disability support worker on our portfolio list, you can read on their profiles what they charge, what assistance they can provide and what kinds of qualifications they have. Most even list their hobbies and interests, and any other languages they speak. All are professional and provide quality care but just as importantly, they are all support workers so they love their jobs and derive great satisfaction from helping people.

With Image Care Services, everything is managed professionally – search profiles, make, change or cancel bookings, have a chat with a new support worker before meeting, and more. You or your home carer can manage all your needs 24/7, and there’s even an app so you can carry Image Care Services in your pocket or handbag!

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